Check out the 2017 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar

The first pages of artwork for the 2017 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar have been unveiled, via website 7 Kingdoms. Back in February of this year, on George R.R. Martin’s Not a Blog, one of his minions (their words, not mine) announced who the artist behind the 2017 calendar would be:

George is proud to be the first to announce production and progress on the official SONG OF ICE AND FIRE calendar for 2017 which will feature art by the deeply talented Didier Graffet.  Although this year has only just begun we couldn’t wait to share a preview of Didier’s fantastic work for next year’s calendar.

ASOIAF Calendar 2017 h

As you can see, French artist Didier Graffet chose to depict the Battle of the Blackwater for the cover. There’re a few more pieces of artwork shown on both 7 Kingdoms and Here’s a look at February’s theme: Betrayal, from A Storm of Swords, which depicts the events of the Red Wedding.

ASOIAF Calendar 2017 c

This piece depicts a scene from A Feast for Crows, where Brienne of Tarth defends herself and kills former members of the Brave Companions, including  Timeon, Shagwell, and Pyg.

ASOIAF Calendar 2017 g

Finally, here’s a scene from A Clash of Kings where Theon Greyjoy returns home to the Iron Islands to treat with his father, Balon Greyjoy, on Robb Stark’s behalf.

ASOIAF Calendar 2017 e

The calendar includes 13 paintings, one for each month and a bonus poster. You can purchase the 2017 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar through Amazon for $11.96, or directly from Penguin Random House for $17.00.

via Winter is Coming. Click here to read more.
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