These gorgeous HBO-commissioned ‘Game of Thrones’ posters take 4 days to make after an episode airs

Beautiful Death season six Game of Thrones Robert Ball

Warning: Spoilers for “Game of Thrones” ahead.

In a series riddled with heartbreaking character deaths, it only seems appropriate to memorialize each brutal character ending. That’s where Robert Ball comes in. The UK-based illustrator is best known for his “Game of Thrones” art series called “Beautiful Death,” in which he draws an artistic interpretation of the latest episode’s fallen character

Tech Insider spoke with the artist following season six of the HBO series to learn more about the gorgeous artwork that has become an anticipated part of each weekly episode airing. 

Scroll down for a look at the “Beautiful Death” series and to learn more about Ball’s work. 

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The “Beautiful Death” series began back during season one. “‘Game of Thrones’ was recommended to me by friends – having grown up on Tolkien and Moorcock it was right up my street and I devoured the whole thing,” Ball tells Tech Insider.

Ball’s interpretations for Ned Stark’s beheading (Season 1, Episode 9), and the iconic Red Wedding which resulted in Robb and Catelyn Stark’s death (Season 3, Episode 9).

The poster are created 100% digitally using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Each one takes around four days to complete.

The death of Ygritte at the battle for Castle Black (Season 4, Episode 9) and Ball’s recreation of Tywin’s murder (Season 4, Episode 10).

Since Ball is based in London (or King’s Landing, as he likes to call it), and the episodes air there at 2 a.m., he opts to watch them Monday morning over breakfast.

Aemon Targaryen’s funeral pyre was transformed into a dragon (Season 5, Episode 7) and the massacre at Hardhome (Season 5, Episode 8).

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