WiC Weekly: July 31-August 6

It’s time for WiC Weekly, where we recap the biggest Game of Thrones stories from the past week.

Season 6 is receding in the rearview mirror, so we busied ourselves with some theorizing this week. Among the most popular: is HBO saying more than it meant to with it GoT Party promotional campaign?


Also, some meme-makers have suggested that Maester Aemon may have known about Jon Snow’s true parentage all along. Is there anything to this?


Sad as it is, the topic of when exactly Game of Thrones will end has been much discussed lately. The particulars are still fuzzy, though…


Shifting to books, the person responsible for publishing A Song of Ice and Fire books in the UK weighs in on The Winds of Winter.


As always, Game of Thrones actors are keeping busy. Kit Harington’s in a very self-serious car commercial, Michiel Huisman has a movie coming out, and Sophie Turner went blonde. Naturally, that last one is the most important.


By the way, it seems likely that the hair color change is for a new movie Turner is in.

Moving on, what was the funniest moment from Game of Thrones Season 6? We asked and you answered.


Check out which episodes from Game of Thrones Season 6 actors like Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and Peter Dinklage submitted for Emmy consideration. One of them’s a bit surprising.


Game of Thrones is international, as Telemundo’s reimagining of the series shows.


Staying on the light side, pass the time between seasons by watching a group of very excited fans watch the Season 6 finale.


Finally, we updated our comprehensive Game of Thrones episode rankings to include the 10 new hours from Season 6. Dive on in.


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