Political Ads For #GoT2016 Hit the Internet

If you’ve been watching the Olympics in American these past few weeks on television, then you’ve probably sat through them: political commercials for the 2016 candidates for President of the United States. (Well, you’ve at least sat through commercials for one candidate, the other one seems to believe the race doesn’t start until after Labor Day.)

But even if you’re not in America, you’ve probably been subjected to these ads. Running them on line, especially in this day and age when the streaming ratings for the Olympics beat prime time regularly, is where it’s at. But there the race for 2016 it’s so one sided. Not only are there endless ads for the American candidates, there’s ads for the Westerosi ones now too.

Released on Friday, these political spots for #GoT2016 have been everywhere for the last 48 hours, as the candidates make their pitches to a restless audience at home that would like the White Walkers to just knock the wall down already and get on with the war against humanity instead of making us wait 11 months like this. Let’s check them out.

Vote King In The North!
Stark/Mormont 2016!
At Least He Hasn’t Lost His Wolf Yet!

(Approved by the Recruiters of the Night’s Watch.)

Vote Unvarnished Ambition!
Baelish/Stark 2016!
At Least They’re Up Front About Being Evil!

(Paid for by the Discover the Fingers Tourism Board.)

Vote The Mad Queen!
Cersei/Qyburn 2016!
It’s Safer Than Arguing!

(Provided by the Lannister Family Coffers.)

Vote To Restore The Old Regime!
Dany/Tyrion 2016!

(Approved by the Westerosis for the Ethical Treatment of Dragons.)

Are you voting? Which team do you support? Take the the comments and argue for your chosen candidates now!

via Winter is Coming. Click here to read more.
Ani Bundel

Entertainment Earth

via http://gameofthronessnowbound.blogspot.com/2016/08/political-ads-for-got2016-hit-internet.html


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