WiC Weekly: August 7th-13th

It’s WiC Weekly Time! We’ve reached the doldrums of the off season, as the dog days of summer dragged in. In earlier seasons, this was the kick off to following filming news. But with the production holding off with a real life wait until winter, instead we found out that the production does plan to provide some entertainment next spring, with a Live Concert Tour!

Did you miss any of our stories? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up for you the top posts for the week. And don’t forget, if you can’t wait until Sunday, you can always sign up for WiC Daily, our daily digest of news, delivered hot’n’fresh to your inbox.

Let’s see what stories did take center stage.


The major story of the week: The Game of Thrones Live Concert Tour!


It turns out it works in more languages than you’d expect!


Arianne turned out to be more popular than any of her on screen Dornish relations.


We celebrated that more of Martin’s work is in development for the small screen!


We checked out Benioff and Weiss’ choice for the key moment in Battle of the Bastards.


And Isaac Hempstead Wright was the first aboard the Season 7 hype train.


But you know what we all love in the off season: theories.


Doesn’t matter how weird or dumb they are. We love theories.


We noted that Netflix is giving HBO some competition in the on-demand department.


And we watched the entirety of the last six seasons in only 24 minutes, thanks to modern technology. At least, maybe it will hold us until filming news comes along…


via Winter is Coming. Click here to read more.
Ani Bundel

Entertainment Earth

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