Here’s how badly the internet thought new ‘Top Gear’ sucked

Anyone with two functioning eyes and one half-decent brain cell watching the broadcast of new Top Gear on Sunday knows that the show was bad. But how do you put that kind of terrible into words? Luckily, the internet has experience crapping on other people’s endeavours, so I’ll let the collected crowd-wisdom do the talking. (more…) via…

Game of Thrones Screencap Breakdown: “Blood of my Blood”

Game of Thrones is not only a fantastic show—it’s a feast for the eyes. From the costumes to the sets to the CGI, every episode has gorgeous moments and amazing acting beats that are well worth freezing in time and considering. Today’s Best Vista Award goes to the the steps of the Girona Cathedral in…

Discover 7 Ways to Make an Epic Episode With ‘The Game Revealed’

Looking for more on “The Door” and “Blood of My Blood”? Check out the next serving of HBO’s exclusive behind-the-scenes docuseries, The Game Revealed for lessons on the best way to make an epic pair of episodes.  Make it Significant Director Jack Bender and the series creators discuss Bran’s visions – including the Mad King. // via GIPHY…

‘Overwatch’ is the most arrogant game of 2016

Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm. If you haven’t been keeping count, Overwatch is Blizzard’s third attempt to completely co-opt a genre by outdoing everyone else in the field. The first was Heroes of the Storm, the second was Hearthstone. Now shooters are under siege. (more…) via Boy Genius Report. Click here to read more….

Nudity on Game of Thrones: The 18 Most Innovative Moments

In another of GQ’s groundbreaking investigations into the new nakedness of TV (see our 16 Most Important Moments in Naked TV History to get you up to speed) we devise a system to categorize all the new kinds of nakedness pioneered on Game of Thrones, arguably the most naked, often least sexy, show on TV….